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How do women and men with disabilities or health problems live in Vienna?

  • Where are their hurdles or barriers?
  • Where are they treated differently or worse?
  • How can they be involved?
  • What needs to change?

The Vienna Women’s Service (MA57) and the Vienna Social Fund (FSW) want to know.

That is why they are conducting a survey together.

The answers to these questions are very important.
This is how things get better.

That’s why we’re asking you to get involved!


Who can take part in the survey?

People with disabilities or health impairments.
People must have had this impairment for more than six months.

  • Women between 18 and 60 years of age,
    Men between 18 and 65 years of age
  • These individuals must live in Vienna
    work in Vienna,
    or be receiving training in Vienna.

How can I participate in the survey?

Participate online

You can complete the questionnaire online here.
The questionnaire is also available in:
Austrian sign language, English, Turkish and Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

You may also complete the survey on paper:

You can download the survey here as a pdf and print it out.

You can also have the survey sent to you.
For this, please click here:

Do you need help filling out the form?

Then use our survey days.

Over the course of 3 days in September 2021,
Employees of the research institute L&R Sozialforschung
will be available to help you fill out the survey.

When and where will these survey days be?
You will be able to find this information here shortly.

Or get in touch with us here:


Questions and answers

We have summarised the most important information
about the survey for you:

How long does the survey last?

The survey will start on 14 June 2021.
It will end on 17 October 2021.
You have until 17 October at the latest to complete the online survey,
send it back, or place it in one of the collection boxes.

Why should I take part in the survey?

Your answers are important.
How do people with disabilities or impairments live?
This will provide us with a better idea.
This will allow barriers to be broken down more easily.
And support offers can be further developed.

Who is conducting the survey?

The Vienna Women’s Service (MA57) in cooperation with the Vienna Social Fund (FSW).
These are the organisations which have planned and prepared this survey.
The social research institute L&R Sozialforschung is conducting the survey on behalf of the Vienna Women’s Service.
The project manager is Dr Claudia Sorger from L&R Social Research


When, where and how will we be informed about the results?

It is expected that you will be able to read the results of the survey on this website in autumn 2021.

Why is the questionnaire written in “simple language”?

The survey targets people with very different disabilities.
We want everyone to be able to answer the questions.
The questionnaire has therefore been written in level A2 language which is easy to read.

I do not understand a question in the questionnaire.
Or I don’t want to answer a question.

Please tick “No answer / don’t know” for this question. This is also important for the evaluation.
This is so we can figure out the questions which are not understandable or not clearly formulated.
Using this answer will help us.

Why am I being asked such personal questions?

We want to know what your quality of life is like.
We will then be able to tailor offers to your needs in the best possible way.
You don’t have to answer questions if they are too personal for you.
In this case, please simply tick the answer “No answer / don’t know” or simply leave out these questions.

How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?

Answering all questions takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
If you fill out the survey online, you can also take breaks.
Then you will need to save the previous answers.

How can I return the completed survey?

Did you print out the survey yourself from this website?
Then please put it in an envelope.
And write the following on the envelope:

Post-Filiale 1060
Gumpendorfer Strasse 83-85
1060 Wien
Postfach 500

Please also stick a stamp on the envelope.
In this case we are not able to cover postage for you.
Please send the survey by 17 October 2021 at the latest.

You will not have to write a return address on the envelope.
You can place the envelope right in a post box.

You can also place the filled-out questionnaire in one of our collection boxes.
In this case, you won’t have to stick a stamp on it.
These boxes are in associations and institutions which work with disabled individuals.
A list of the collection boxes can be found here collection boxes

Is the survey really anonymous?

The survey is evaluated anonymously.
Nobody knows who filled out the survey.


Do you have any questions?
Would you like us to send you the survey?

How to reach us:

Would you like to return the completed survey to us?
Then please use the following address:

Post-Filiale 1060
Gumpendorfer Strasse 83-85
1060 Wien
Postfach 500


You can find the printed version of the survey here.

Further information on the topic:

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